2 Activities to Keep Your Toddler Busy During the Day

How to Keep toddlers busy

Edited by: Marrissa Alexander

When you’re home with your toddler all day, you know that keeping your little one busy is no easy task. It’s also important that your toddler is learning while having fun, which means the activities you choose should be educational as well as entertaining. There is an awesome article on Parents.com that tells parents what their tots need to know before starting preschool. So in order to help with this process, here are a few toddler activities that you and your little one will enjoy. Keep in mind that with these activities, you can improvise on what materials you will need. Don’t be afraid to get creative because remember, the main goal is to allow your toddler to learn as well as have fun!

Color Matching

Color matching- Urban Mommy

This game assists your toddler with hand eye coordination and of course, helps him to recognize colors quickly. For this activity, you’ll need:

-Any container with sections (i.e. plate, egg carton, muffin tin, tray etc.)
-Construction paper or paint samples and scissors
-Small pom poms in various colors
-Scotch tape

Tape a cut-out of construction paper or a paint sample in each section of the container. Each sample or piece of paper should be a different color. Lay the pom poms out. Show your toddler how to match the colors by putting the red pom pom in the red section, the green pom pom in the green section, etc. Have your little one complete the activity with you a few times to get the hang of it. Then you can let them play by him or herself, putting each of the pom poms in the right section until there are no more pom poms.
Sticky Note Scramble


sticky note scramble- Urban Mommy

This is one of the toddler activities that also helps to teach your child colors, and can be beneficial for helping your toddler recognize shapes, letters and numbers.

For this activity, you’ll need:

-Sticky notes in various colors

Write or draw something different on some of the notes, and leave some of the paper blank. For instance, you can draw your toddler’s first initial, a triangle, or the number of your child’s age. Attach all of the sticky notes to the side of your desk or a door and ask your child to bring you specific ones. For instance, you can say, “Bring me the letter A, or hand me the note with the triangle.” On the blank notes, have your child replicate the shapes or letters you’ve drawn, or encourage her to make a pretty picture on each of the notes that you can use as desk or door decoration.

These are just two of many DIY activities you can do with your toddler to ensure that they are learning at home. For more ideas try visiting our Urban Mommy Pinterest page with some other fun activities.

Have fun!

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