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Community Advocate and Urban Mommy Inc., founder Monique Norington-Joseph shared that unlike 80% of the women in the room on March 7th, she was at one point in a pool of statistics that states, ”African American women are three- to- four times more likely to die during or after delivery than are white women.” And According to the World Health Organization, our odds of surviving childbirth are comparable to those women in 3rd world countries where significant proportions of the population live in poverty.

Urban Mommy Inc participated as a workshop/session presenter at the 4th Trimester 3rd Annual Conference in Mesa, Arizona on March 7, 2020.

“I first attended an Urban Mommy event in Portland.  I learned of the upcoming even on a Facebook page and was told it was geared to toddlers.  I’m glad that I attended.  My daughter and I had a fabulous time.  I normally don’t have time to go to these sorts of things but they made it easy.”

-Shaun Johnston

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Shaun Johnston

“Tis the night before Christmas,” as all of the children huddled around, anxiously awaiting to hear me read aloud this story.  I remember that story.  Reading is definitely FUNdamental!”

– Patrice Richards, International Chef- LSG Sky Chef

Story Time Volunteer