This Remedy Helped Me Survive a Tough Week: Single Moms Corner #LandraGlover


I don’t go around announcing that I am a single mom in hopes that I’ll get some extras in life or sympathy, but last week was very disappointing.   I experienced some inconveniences and I felt very frustrated. I know life happens to us all but like most single moms, I’m constantly being pulled into many different directions. When people don’t respect my time or somehow forget to be honest especially in the professional world, it can cause set-backs.   Often times those frustrations go home with me and not having a partner to pass the baton too can bring negative thoughts and feelings. In the past I have worn my share of mask in hopes that Jaxon won’t feel my stress, but that technique only works for so long.

I’m sure you can relate! Recently, I truly accepted that this world is going to throw curve balls at any given time and I have  to find ways to combat the stress.  I always say that I’m going to spend more time doing the things that I enjoy so I can experience true balance. Unfortunately, I usually find myself on to the next mommy task quicker than finding something fun and exciting to do.  This time I was determined to find joy through my storm and it didn’t take much.

I love music and often times  I will listen to Pandora during my commute to work. Instead of listening to my traditional station this time I searched out comedy.  Yep, comedy and it worked!  Every day to and from work I listened to jokes and laughed. I laughed so much that I had total strangers laughing with me.  I laughed until my problem became an “OH WELL.”  This new found remedy to elevate my stress doesn’t mean I don’t need a vacation, it just means I found a way to get through stressful times until I step on the plane.

Try it out single mom’s. You might be surprised how fast and how quick you can melt away those challenges, and before you know it… you will be saying “OH WELL!”


Landra Glover- Contributor URBAN MOMMY

About Landra

Landra mother of 1, author and  winner of the National Head Start Parent of the Year. She enjoys reading, traveling being active and currently starting a new business venture.

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