#12Daysof Service – You Still Have Time- Join Us

Tis the season! Don’t forget to show a little love to someone else these next several days. Sometimes all it takes is a little smile, polite gesture or hug to make someone day.

Join us! @urbanmommyorg on twitter/FB/Instagram we want to share your random acts of kindness Any random acts of kindness

Tweet us and tag us @urbanmommyorg

1. 12/13- Buy someone a cup of coffee

2. 12/14- Meet someone new/ make a new friend

3. 12/15- Send a thank you note

4. 12/16- Compliment a friend

5. 12/17- Hold the door open for a stranger

6. 12/18- Donate old or new toys

7. 12/19- Leave a gift in your mailbox for the mailman

8. 12/20- Send a Thank you note to your kids teacher or to your boss

9. 12/21- Do something nice for your significant other

10. 12/22- Do any random act of kindness

11. 12/23- Call an old friend and tell them how much you miss them

12. 12/24- Leave something nice for your neighbor (maybe the one you never speak too 🤔)

Happy Holidays

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