Happy New Year

Wishing You the Best in the New Year!

This year marked a significant launch to balance the playing field and give more black women the opportunity to succeed.

For too long, African-American women and children have been undervalued, underrepresented and invisible. Black and brown women quietly sacrifice their health, education, children’s welfare, goals and careers. Our entire world is missing out on the next generation of leaders and advocates.

After our successful incorporation in June of 2018, we began the busy work of establishing our core presence in the Phoenix market by building partnerships that will leverage our market. We launch our first program, partnered with established organizations and businesses, recruited over 46 new volunteers and most importantly served women and children in Phoenix.

We couldn’t have done it without you your kindness and support.

As we celebrate the season of joy, family, friendship and kindness, and when many of us come together with loved ones in a spirit of sharing and celebration, we hope the upcoming holiday is filled with cheer and warm memories for you and your family and friends.

Remember to share the love with those who are less fortunate and touch a woman or child with your generosity.

Have a safe and enjoyable New Year.

Team UrbanMommy

Learn how to volunteer in 2019

Why we Matter

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