What to do with your children while schools are closed #Covid19

As a mother who use to homeschool my daughter I have some fun and helpful tricks to ease the time and make the day fly by!

For the past several weeks everyone has been on high alert concerned about their health amid the coronavirus outbreak. To top it all off, parents have especially been concerned with how they will continue to provide for their families if schools closed. 

In Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey announced on March 15th that his decision was made to address the staffing shortages and prioritize the safety of the children.  This precautionary measure around the spread of Covid-19 has left millions of students home for some time. Other states like Maryland, New Mexico and New York soon followed. 

Well, if you’re like me, you immediately went into planning mode scrambling to figure out what to do next. Since we were already on spring break some action items were already in place minus the suggested lock-down!

In my previous days of home schooling we focused on life skills, creative, science, development skills, nature and extra curricular activities like yoga, dance, arts. We essentially make the world her canvas and our home the building blocks for success. What better way to give your child the best chance at an awesome future than to invest in them!

During this time of uncertainty, In our home we believe in preparation but we also believe calming ourselves, having faith and adjusting. Simply put, relax. My overall goal is not to stress the kids… Let the adults worry about that. This should be a calm and easy time for them and whatever we can do to make it fun, let’s do it. 

Develop a plan

Everything begins with a schedule. This will make your life as the parent or caregiver much easier and will provide your children with a sense of routine and anticipation for what’s coming. After I told my daughter about what was planned for the week she was so excited. This does require a little preparation on your part. I simply created a list on my iPhone about what areas I wanted to focus on. My goals were simple:

  • Life skills
  • Reading
  • Creative
  • Science
  • Development skills
  • Extra curricular

Tip/Inspiration: Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you don’t hold a degree in early childhood education. You are their parent/caregiver and they are going to be excited by the fact that you are taking time to carefully plan and grow with them. Go to the dollar store and pick up learning resources. If your library is still open, they have books that can be checked out as well. Also email your Childs teacher, they will be more than happy to share some resources with you as well. 

Use Resources wisely

In addition to your own activities, don’t hesitate to take advantage of some amazing programs that currently exist. When Zoie was age 1-3 year-old ABCMOUSE.com was a favorite in our home. There are other online learning platforms like, outschool.com and brainpop.com These are especially good when you too need to take a break.

Reach out to your local community organizations that are working to ensure you get the resources you need during this time.

We recommend first checking with your local or state orgs first.

  • Department of Health and human services
  • First Things First
  • Community Churches 
  • Nonprofits
  • Boys and Girls clubs (serving meals)
  • Neighbors, friends, clubs, groups

Tip/Inspiration: Be sure to google your favorite inspiration daily. Remember we are spending a lot of time encouraging, protecting and motiving our little ones to be the best they can be. But Mom and Dad need it as well. Don’t forget to take a moment to just relax your mind and get yourself focused and centered on what’s important for you and your family right now. 

Be Flexible

Now that you have a schedule, choose which things are a must and which things are flexible. For us, reading a book everyday is a must. Going outside everyday is a must (We live in Arizona so the weather is nice now) and learning a life skill is a necessity. 

Some people like to create an exact calendar like, 8-9 (Breakfast) and so on, I have decided this time to leave it flexible because she’s older/school age now. Also, I run a business and I also need the flexibility to take a moment and work, respond to emails, etc. 

Don’t forget what’s important

Honestly, after the announcement was made to close schools, I was in a scrabble to get my business in order and also figure out what I was going to do with her time and also manage the house, finances, etc. But little did I know, in her little eyes, she was simply excited that she is going too get to spend a lot of time with mommy and daddy. She was so excited when I showed her the schedule. Everyone that called the house, she showed them the bugs (Aphids and spider) she had just collected outside.

Zoie is outside looking for cool and interesting bugs. Supplies/kit purchased for $1 at Dollartree

Don’t forget what’s important. This is an amazing time to reconnect, bond and learn more about your kids. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our days we get so accustomed to drop-offs, pick-ups and daily routine. We forget that we have a little human who is taking in everything around them and the greatest influence is YOU! 

Our mommy and daughter bracelets

Yesterday we spent time making bracelets, hunting for bugs, skating in the house and watching movies. We even managed to read 2 books and start a book report. 

Zoie made a bracket and necklace 
supplies purchased for $4 at Dollartree

Stay informed at all times. visit the CDC for information and visit your states Health and Human Services department 

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