From Mom to Supermom – Tips for handling the stress of managing your career and children #BacktoSchool #Homeschooling

The stress of school beginning is shining a light on areas of your life that I’m sure you are not ready to face. One thing we have all learned by being locked in and quarantined is that managing day to day with children is typically falling to one parent and its usually the mother.

It seems so unfair. When will you have time to yourself to just breath. Let’s not even talk about the sacrifices you are making with managing your career, business and other activities you want to do. Women are disproportionally being put in a life crisis that is cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

So how do we deal with it. Life is a balancing act for many people, but this is especially true for working moms. Trying to juggle your career, duties as a wife, and the responsibilities to your children can be challenging and overwhelming. However, you can wake up each day looking forward to the upcoming challenges with excitement!

Try these tips to effectively cope with the pressures and demands of your incredibly busy life:

1. Separate your family time and office time. Set proper boundaries to provide adequate attention to each of your roles. No scheduling solution is perfect, but the effort alone will pay big dividends in your stress level and effectiveness as a parent, partner, and career woman.

  • When you’re in the office/home office, concentrate on work(if you can). I know it’s hard trying to balance working and your children asking a million questions during the day. Similarly leave work at work when you come home for the evening and give your family your undivided attention. You’ll get more done in less time and feel less stressed.

2. Make plans with your kids for the weekend. In the world we live now, we have to do more research on safe alternatives for our kids that allow for social distancing. Allow your kids to choose the activity they wish on the weekend. This communicates value to your children and lets them know that they’re important to you. During this time, focus exclusively on them and enjoy your time together.

Enjoying fun play time before bed

3. Enjoy dinner together as a family. Discuss your day and enjoy family togetherness over your evening meal.

• Switch off your cell phones, iPods, and any distracting gadgets during time spent with your family so work cannot interfere.

4. Show your children what you do. Let your children know about your career, why it’s important to you, and why it’s important to them. The more they know about where mom spends her day, the more accepting they’ll be of your absence while you’re at work.

• Take your kids to the office or the space you are using at home while working whenever possible and familiarize them with your work. Let them see your workspace first-hand and learn all about what you do.

5. Introduce your kids to your colleagues’ children. This way, you can form a common link between work and family and more easily maintain your work/life balance.

6. Find hobbies that you all enjoy. If your children are passionate about something that you also enjoy, this gives you an outlet to experience regular quality time with them and rejuvenating recreation at the same time.

7. Get to know your child’s friends. Organize a zoom, facebook messenger kids and get to know who your kids hang out with. Get to know their friends’ parents. Take an active role in encouraging your children to hang around with positive people that can fuel their growth.

8. Go on a family staycation. Now this may not be as feasible given the situation of our country right now, but there may be some options you can choose in your own state. There are lots of resources about staycations, road trips and more online. Choose a destination that you and your kids all agree on. Make sure the vacation offers something enjoyable for everyone. Most importantly, leave office work at the office. This communicates to your children that they are valuable to you.

9. Take one day that’s just for you. Have a family meeting and designate a day that is solely for you. No matter what… this is Mom’s time! Even if it’s only for half a day or a few hours on Saturday. This is your time to do whatever you want, even if you want to sit in the car and watch a movie and eat bon-bons. It’s your time and can add to the strength of your mental health.

10. Make a back to school plan- If you have a partner in the home. They must be responsible for some of this load that is coming down the pipeline. To my single mommies, I tip my hat to you. I know it must be a challenging to do it by yourself.. but I know your strength, resilience and know how will make it work. Either way, come up with a plan and decide the best course of action for your home. Children are resilient and they will survive this moment in time.

Feel free to use some of these tips or come up with a few on your own I would love to hear them. You can bring sanity to a world that was once filled with constant chaos. You can juggle your career and family life if you make decisions that are consistent with your values, plan your time carefully, and use your resources on the priorities that are most important.

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