Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator Needed

Since our founding in 2013, Urban Mommy has worked to motivate mothers to live healthier and happier lives achieving their highest level of ability. UM is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to empower mothers to pursue economic independence by providing access to a network of resources, personal and professional development and access to free early childhood literacy.

Our work at Urban Mommy in the local area is designed to meet a changing environment for women of color in the greater Phoenix metro area. Our programs influence them to build the necessary skills to impact their families and development in the personal lives. We also serve children in the areas with a monthly literacy program. Children that participate with us gain pre-reading skills through age-appropriate programming. We empower our mothers to take control of their future and reclaim their power of living healthier and happier lives. Their involvement in their children’s early development also aids in preventing destructive patterns and outcomes. Similarly, each mother has an opportunity to advocate for themselves through achieving economic security and social mobility. We provide the opportunity for mothers to connect with resources through their own selection based on need, then they start the work of making impactful changes to their life. There is ownership & empowerment.

We have a big job to do and we need volunteers to do it. As we are growing, we are in need of a person who can help us organize our fantastic volunteers.

  • The Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator will be responsible for:
    • Organizes coordinates and manages the recruitment of volunteers for placement for events. Markets/ advertise volunteer opportunities; screens and refers qualified volunteers.
    • Works with social, civic and local organizations and vendors to develop partnerships, where appropriate, and to cultivate fundraising relationships.
    • Develops and implements orientation programs for all volunteers and staff. Continually assesses volunteer needs, develops new volunteer positions, schedules, training, annual evaluations, policies, procedures, position descriptions, education requirements and ongoing program development.
    • Updates UM website, with articles, events, and general changes.
    • Sets up and attends volunteer meetings and coordinates with event Leads on fundraising events.
    • Develops and implements a volunteer recognition program.
  • In order to help us continue to provide exceptional customer service experiences, we are looking for candidates with the following:
    Minimum of (2) or more years as a Coordinator or Management.
    • Bachelor’s Degree preferred or experience accepted
    • Must possess strong Collaborator skills and communication skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • Organizational Skills
    • Must be proficient with Social Media and Microsoft Office Suite
    • Time Management
    • Able to work independently and virtually
    • Able to spend at least 5 hours per week checking email, responding to messages and coordination

If you are interested in this role please email us directly and answer these questions:

1. Why you believe you are the right volunteer candidate for this role
2. What skills you bring to the position
3. Provide us with the times you are available to volunteer weekly?

Email us


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