Partnering for social good in South Africa

AUGUST 27, 2018- Phoenix, Arizona – Urban Mommy announced its formal intention to partner with and support Sisters.Org, an international not-for-project based in CapeTown, South Africa.

Our goal as an organization is to support women and children and assist them in building  on-ramps to connect with the right channels that can assist them in realizing their dreams. As part of our 2020 Vision, we will take our efforts globally to support other organizations investing in the lives of women in vulnerable communities.

Urban Mommy continuously seeks opportunities to serve women and children around the globe. This year (November 2016) we visited and donated supplies to in Capetown, South Africa They are a NGO that serves woman and children from critical and abusive situations. We donated needed supplies and we are looking to continue the partnership through fundraising and bringing awareness to their extraordinary organization.

As part of our 2020 vision, we will continue to partner with this organization to raise awareness about their cause and fundraise to send much-needed supplies and early learning books so that they can continue serving the women and children.

Visit them online to learn all about their development, the skill and career workshops they offer and their school. 

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