Economic Empowerment

The Issue 

Women and children remain disproportionately affected by discrimination, poverty and inequality.  When mother’s are invested in economic empowerment it sets them on a direct path toward eradication of poverty and strengthens families.  Mothers are one of the single largest contributors to their communities, businesses and daily life.  We are becoming a model of distribution of of leveling the playing field for all women.

Our Solutions

We work with a variety of community partners that promote a mother’s ability to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, secure decent jobs, manage and secure credit and influence public policies that affect women and children.

In our programs, we strive to connect with mothers most in need.  Through grass-roots efforts and partnerships, we work with disenfranchised women & low – skilled women in order to give them better access and security leading to greater opportunities.

How We make a Difference

Career training/Job coaching workshops

Financial Empowerment Workshops

Entrepreneurial Development

Access to Job placements

Legislative Advocacy